Construction Managment

The key to successful construction management is a diligent and detail-oriented approach. Bright Blueprint’s professional team are proactive in their management style, drawing on years of combined hands-on experience, skill, and technical knowledge in the design and construction industry. Our project teams have both the skill and experience to handle virtually any type of capital project.

Bright Blueprint Method

Bright Blueprint Systems is all-in-one real estate developer focusing on small and medium size real estate development projects. We offer a custom made service package focusing on all property developing aspects from design, to finance and construction.

Submit your project outline today! Our experts will review it and get back to you to find out more about your project so as to offer you the most efficient cooperation proposal. Once the project has been accepted and the legal aspects sorted, it will take us 3 steps to deliver you the keys from your new real estate:


For this step we corporate closely with Bee Breeders – a leading architecture competition organiser – who run both project-based and ideas-based international architecture competitions.

We find architecture competitions to be the most efficient tool to deliver the best designs with the highest ROI. The additional benefits include a positive media campaign and worldwide awareness of the project in leading industry media outlets. You can find some of Bee Breeders formerly organised competitions on CNN; Archdaily and Dwell to name a few.


Once the competition is successfully completed and the best designs have been selected, we will work with a quantity surveyor, as well as selected construction company (step 3), to calculate the total project cost.

A crowdfunding campaign will then be launched to obtain the necessary funding for the project. For larger developments, crowdfunding is used to acquire an initial deposit in order to secure a bank loan.


Once the necessary funding is acquired, a contract with a local construction company is signed and the construction process launched.

Case Studies

Pape Bird Observatory [link]
The “Pasaules Dabas Fonds” WWF Associate partner in Latvia new bird observation tower;

Project status: 
Design – completed
Financing – fundraising in process
Construction – pending


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